Quantitative Analytics with R from DataCamp

last updated: 23 Apr, 2020.
In banking and finance, quantitative analysts make sure that portfolios are risk balance. Also, they help to find new trading opportunities, and evaluate asset prices using mathematical models. In this quantitative analysis career track, you will learn how effectively apply mathematical models and R programming in finance from well tailored quantitative analysis courses. View below the courses covered in this career track:
  • 15 Courses | 65 hours
  • Introduction to R for Finance
  • Intermediate R for Finance
  • Manipulating Time Series Data with xts and zoo in R
  • Importing and Managing Financial Data in R
  • Time Series Analysis in R
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Pricing: $33/Month. This includes all free & basic contents, plus:
  • 334 courses
  • 14 career tracks
  • 43 Skill tracks
  • 82 projects
  • Unlimited skill assessments
  • Priority support
Average Annual Salary for a Financial Analyst: $106,751(US National Average by Glassdoor)

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