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last updated: 23 Apr, 2020.
With the amount of collected data increasing every day, companies often have data analysts and data scientists who analyze this data. However, challenges come with the need to gather, ingest, and warehouse or effectively store this data. This is where data engineers come in to ensure the safe and correct storage of data. Learn to become a top-notch data engineer from these first-hand data engineering courses.
This career track assumes fundamental knowledge of python and SQL
View below the thorough course(s) outline for this career track:
  • 19 Courses | 75 hours
  • Introduction to Data Engineering
  • Streamlined Data Ingestion with pandas
  • Software Engineering for Data Scientists in Python
  • Writing Efficient Python Code
  • Introduction to Shell
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Pricing: $33/Month. This includes all free & basic contents, plus:
  • 334 courses
  • 14 career tracks
  • 43 Skill tracks
  • 82 projects
  • Unlimited skill assessments
  • Priority support
Average Annual Salary for a Data Scientists: $102,864(US National Average by Glassdoor)

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