Earn Money from Selling On Jumia

posted on: 24 May, 2020.
Become A Seller on Jumia -- How to Make Online Money in Nigeria
Jumia Marketplace connects you with millions of buyers online. This allows you to sell more products, thereby increasing your earnings. Jumia express allows you to sell anytime whether your physical store is open or not(if you have one), this allows you to make money even while you are asleep. That is jumia technologies for you!

Additional Benefits of selling on Jumia
  1. Top notch seller support
  2. Expert product delivery
  3. Free online/offline training
  4. Improved Revenue
How it works
Step 1: Registration can be done under 5 minutes
This involves filing the registration form and submitting the required documents:
(a) Business Registration
(b) Bank Account Details

Step 2: Become a certified eCommerce expert
- Complete the dedicated newbie seller training
- Activate your seller account to manage your shop

Step 3: List your product and sell
- Upload your quality products and start selling
- Gain from our promotions and marketing
- Get visibility from our promotions and insights on best-selling

Additional Benefits of Selling on Jumia
1) No commission for the first 30 days after registration
2) Free photo session for your first 30 items
3) Periodical campaign push and a 24/7 store

Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions for selling on Jumia
Location: All States
Deadline: Tue, 13 Aug, 2058

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