Make Money on Facebook Using Facebook Media

posted on: 25 May, 2020.
A Guide to Facebook Earnings

This article shows you how to make money on Facebook. You might never have heard that it is possible to make money on Facebook. Yes, we too were happy and excited to find this blooming opportunity, which could either be a full-time job, a side hustle, or an extra income source. Facebook has made it possible for publishers and creators to earn money from their content on Facebook with first-hand monetization tools that help them generate significant revenue that is sustainable with time.
Registered users on Facebook media earn money based on the number of views their posted videos get. This is quite similar to the Youtube monetization program, but it has a lot of additional advantages and benefits

Facebook makes it feasible and easy for you to show your work to the widest possible audience(if not the whole world). You can publish your creative and amazing videos for free, and get a lot of people to comment on it. Facebook allows you to track user engagement and get your page insights. Facebook for Media simply lets you earn money from doing what you love.

Additional Benefits of Using Facebook Media:
  • You will get access to flexible monetization tools, such as short in-video ads, to provide flexibility in to generate money in ways that are beneficial to you
  • Join the community of content creators who share valuable and unique content, which generate ample impressions and its equivalent earnings
  • Facebook for media lets you collaborate with brands, who support your content and would love to partner with you. Brand collaboration manages to allow creators to get discovered and generate deals from advertisers on
  • Facebook creator studio has tools you need to manage, distribute, and view insights across all your pages all at once. Creator Studio is regularly updated, the allows you to take advantage of new features and monetization opportunities.

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Location: Worldwide
Deadline: Wed, 18 Sep, 2058

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