Mathematics and Statistics Tutor

posted on: 05 Jun, 2020.
Remote Mathematics and Statistics Tutoring Job

Livingston Research(LR) aids and supports customers around the world since the year 2009 by facilitating learning and improving their performance through leading-edge technology, services, and data capabilities. We build, launch, and advertise products and services to empower students in nations like the US, Australia, UK, and many others.

We are currently looking for smart people who are passionate about Math, Chemistry, Statistics, Finance, Physics, Accounting, Engineering, and related subjects. If you are an expert in at least ONE of the above subjects, we need you to work with us!

Positions involve researching and working with calculations and any kind in written English language.

Job Requirements
Suitable candidates should possess the following requirements:
  • English level -- Upper-Intermediate
  • 3rd year of Bachelor program or higher
  • Proficiency in STEM and/or technology subjects
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • Skills in HTML, CSS, C++ would also be advantageous

What We offer
  1. Competitive compensation with performance-based bonuses in USD
  2. Flexible schedule(That is -- You decide when and in what place you would like to work)
  3. There is no bossing around. It is up to you to choose which projects you would like to work on
  4. Ability to combine this job with your current errands or schedule
  5. 24/7 Support available
  6. A personal Success Manager
  7. Free online course(s) for boosting your professional growth

Application Procedure
  1. Click on "Apply Now"
  2. Fill in your account information
  3. Go through a timed English Language test and two test jobs
  4. Upon successful completion of tests, you receive full access to a variety of projects and start earning money right away
Location: Online(Worldwide)
Deadline: Sat, 20 Jun, 2020

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