NUTM Scholars Program for Young Nigerians and Africans

posted on: 24 May, 2020.
NUTM Scholars Postgraduate Program 2020 - Fully Funded

NUTM stands for Nigerian University of Technology and Management. It is a pioneer higher education institution focused on nurturing leaders in Nigeria and Africa. NUTM solely focuses on STEM fields (i.e. Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields) and Management as well. The NUTM has the vision to be ranked among the top 50 global institutions focused on technology and management by the year 2030. In the same vein, the NUTM Scholars program has Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Design tracks. Through this novel initiative, NUTM aims to create leaders in technology and business in the African region, and the world at large.
This program is awarding fully funded scholarships to NUTM's pioneering class.

Program Benefits
  • One-year full time intensive postgraduate program.
  • Full Scholarships covering tuition, room and board.
  • Multi-track curriculum across 8 terms.
  • Industry mentorship & career support.
  • Scholars will gain real-world insights from full time associates supporting CEOs of leading organisations.
  • Global Immersion week, a short study trip to the UK, US or China for Scholars to gain exposure in business and culture

Curriculum track for this program includes: Technology | Management | Entrepreneurship and design | Leadership | Creative Thinking and Writing.

Eligibility Requirements for this Scholarship
  1. Scholars should be a maximum of 31 years of age as on 31 August, 2020.
  2. Holder of a recognised undergraduare or postgraduate degree in any discipline.
  3. Have a keen interest in Africa and razor-shape awareness of emerging global trends
  4. Have a high leadership potenttial and high level of intellectual curiosity

How to Apply
To benefit from this opportunity, interested candidates need to complete the following application steps:
  1. Stage One: Applicants will complete the application form and answer questions about their interest and thoughts on various topics.
  2. Stage Two: Telephonic Interview -- Shortlisted applicants from the stage one will be notified about a 20-minute telephonic interview. The telephone interview will explore the candidate's fit and aspirations for the program.
  3. Third Stage: Online Assessment -- Shortlisted candidates from stage two will be invited to an online assessment. The assessment will test on personality traits, learning agility and critical thinking abilities
  4. Fourth Stage: Personal Interview -- The final stage is a personal interview with a panel (30-60 minutes). That is all.
  5. Click on ''Apply Now'' to begin your application

NUTM's Application does not require as application fee.

In partnership with University of Pennsylvania | University of California at Berkeley | Mastercard Foundation
Location: Nigeria and Africa as a Whole
Deadline: Sat, 20 Jun, 2020
Opportunity Offer: fully paid
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